DataCentral Inc - About Us

What We Do

DataCentral, Inc. specializes in solutions for direct mailers and marketers. Our programs and services reflect this specialty; but there are a great deal of other things we provide in servicing our clients.

We create programs to assist with our clients' marketing efforts. These include customer analysis, cross-selling support, prospecting databases, compilation, newsletters and store support.

Our patrons also count on us to get their mail in-home on schedule and to design and print mail pieces. Each month, we mail approximately 3 million circulars, letters, postcards and other communications.

Our objectives are to obtain and retain clients by becoming an asset to them. We focus on how we can meet their needs and help them grow. We educate ourselves about our client's industry and make sure they are knowledgeable about how our industry benefits them by keeping them a step ahead of their competition.

Company History

DataCentral, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 to bring together three companies whose tenure ranges from 21 to 45 years.

The fullfillment portion of our company is almost 25 years old, and has specialized in handling sensitive documents and creating unique programs to track contests and new business incentive campaigns.

Our direct marketing database division was formed in 1987. We have compiled and aggregated data ever since that relates to lifestyle changing events, such as moving, retiring, marriage, or childbirth, and lifestyles that influence and generate response. We have also helped many businesses build response programs to capture their customers and their target audience.