DataCentral, Inc. - Birthday Mailings

Birthday Mailings

Almost everyone enjoys celebrating birthdays. Use this opportunity to have your products, services, or venues be a part of their festivities, and create a winning situation for everyone.

Our birthday mailing program is a monthly subscription service to target consumers celebrating a birthday, ideal for promoting restaurant and retail services, and especially so for venues of children birthday celebrations, or party supply and activity services.

This is an all-inclusive turn-key operation and for a single price includes mail piece design, printing, mailing list, postage, tracking, and delivery. We will help you decide on where to mail, work with you on the creative and offerings, help you with the demographics, everything will be taken care of, and once in place it occurs each and every month.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, a birthday is always a special occasion and will always generate some form of spending. We make it easy to reach out to all those in your area who will be celebrating either their birthday or a significant others birthday each and every month.

With this program you can continue to apply all of our other demographic selections as well such as age, including the age of children, income, gender, home value, and more to further narrow in on your prospects.

Why Birthday Marketing?

A great way to attract customers year round since each and every month you have a new set of birthday prospects.

Birthdays are a festive atmosphere and create more spending by both the birthday person as well as those surrounding him\her.

A birthday is nearly always celebrated with others so your single offer stands to generate multiple responses i.e. multiple sales.

For more information about our birthday mailings or to request a count