The Direct Advantage Program

The Direct Advantage Program is one of our most popular services offering a very simple, flat-rate, turn-key approach to direct mail marketing. For a single rate this program includes absolutely everything you need for a successful direct mail campaign with measureable results. The purpose of Direct Advantage is to eliminate coupon dependency, eliminate wasted distribution, and drive new customers.

The program includes a customizable mailing list, color maps showing the target areas and demographics, mail piece design, color printing, addressing, postage, and other postal services including delivery and documentation. The Direct Advantage program also includes real-time tracking as the campaign is underway, data entry services, customer database management, and a response analysis report showing a return on investment for the campaign as well as a profile of those consumers who responded.

With the Direct Advantage Program you gain DataCentral as your marketing partner. The program offers a wide range of options and flexibility, all of which are dedicated to giving you the most comprehensive and flexible direct mail program to increase your sales and maximize your marketing investment.

Program Highlights

Direct Advantage is Solo mail which has the highest national redemption rate than any other form of marketing and is far more cost effective than shared mail.

Eliminates wasted distribution thru customized consumer profiling focusing within specific areas, by age, income, single, married, and more, ensuring you reach only who and where you want.

Highly flexible, with very low minimums that can mail by day, by week, by month.

Builds and maintains a database of your responders or customers for inclusion or exclusion of all your future campaigns.

Provides an ROI and demographic report of your responders.

Avoids coupon dependency by suppressing current and new customers, thereby reaching only new potential customers.

Where to mail

The where or 'geography' is usually the easiest decision to make, zip code, carrier route, neighborhood, or a radius from your location all of which can be by actual distance or by drive time. We have customized color maps showing these, as well as demographics for the areas to assist in determining the best areas to go after.

Next we will work on who to mail.

Who to mail

Who to mail also known as targets or prospects depend on your business and the goals of the campaign, and there are many options. Do you have a customer list? If the answer is yes we can run a Customer Analysis against your file to identify others who are ‘like’ your customers, these become your prospects. Likewise we can identify where they are coming from which may play a role in the geography. We also offer the option to suppress or remove your customers from the mailing campaign if the goal is to get new customers. If you do not have a customer file, that's ok too.. we still have options, and will work with you to determine the best targets to maximize your return.

Next up is what to mail.

What to mail

Once we know who and where to mail we can work on what to mail or the physical medium to carry your message. In most instances we will recommend our oversized postcard, which is an 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 card, printed on high quality, gloss coated, heavy stock, and makes a powerful impression. The oversize makes the piece stand out in the mailbox, the heavier weight and gloss coating will grab the recipient’s attention. Here again you have options such as brochures, bi-folds, magnetic pieces, letters, various postcard sizes, and others.

Next up is what to say.

What to say

Now we work on the message or offer, which is a crucial piece of the campaign. We can make an impression at the mailbox, but now we want them to respond. The best way to accomplish this is with the right offer. We will work with you and offer advice in coming up with the offer. We have a lot of experience with this and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Like you, we want to make sure that your mailing is a success. Once we have what to mail and what to say we can work on your custom mail piece.

Next is it's time to mail.

Time to Mail

At this point we will have everything we need to put your message out there and will print and mail. Once in the postal system we will track the mail pieces for you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time. You will also have a website link where you can track your mail pieces at any time. We will follow up with you shortly after they have been delivered just to see how things are going.

When responders come in to redeem the valuable offer we want two things from you:

1. We want you to save the physical card they turn in for redemption.

2. We want you to attach a copy of the receipt for what they have purchased and the total spent.

(most clients simply staple a copy of the receipt to the card and toss them into a box)

At the end of the campaign return the redeemed offers and attached receipts to us.

Responder Analysis

Once we receive the redeemed offers and receipts of the responders we will enter the information in your private customer database. All responder information will be entered and can be delivered to you any time. You also have the option of including or excluding these responders as well as your current customers in future campaigns.

With the responders in your database we can now do an advanced profile of them. We are looking for the common characteristics of the consumers who have responded. We can then take the responders profile and overlay this against the original profile of the campaign to see if there are any changes to the target composition. This ongoing comparison will insure the targeting profile is accurately reaching your best potential prospects based on the latest market intelligence.

Reporting and Results

Once complete we will provide a detailed responder profile report. This report is an invaluable tool, showing far more than simple campaign cost, number of responders, and profit. It contains a map of all the responders, what they purchased, how much they spent, the ‘true’ cost of the campaign including the cost of the offer, cost of the sale, and the cost of the mailing. It will show the profit gain, the response rate, the cost of acquiring a customer, the ‘true’ ROI, and you get to see the age, income, education, marital status, home value, length of residence, and other demographics of the responders. With this tool you can see exactly who your customers are as well as where they are coming from.

We will go over this report with you and show you how to leverage the results in future campaigns.

To get started or for more information about our Direct Advantage Program