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Your direct marketing efforts are only as good as the list it's based on. Without a quality list of target prospects, response rates and ROI will suffer. DataCentral has provided consumer mailing lists, new mover mailing lists, and residential mailing lists to many major mailers for over 30 years giving quick and easy access to niche markets and targeting very specific prospects for a multitude of campaigns.

Greet New Movers as Soon as They Move Into Your Neighborhood with a New Movers List

DataCentral’s New Mover List offers an unbelievable opportunity for any business. We offer the most comprehensive New Mover List available as well as an easy to implement specialized program allowing you to reach out to these prospects quickly and easily before your competition.

Learn more about New Mover Lists or our New Neighbor Advantage Program.

Reach Everyone in Your Targeted Area at the Lowest Postage Rates with a Residential Mailing List

We have the residential mailing list (also known as the computerized delivery sequence (CDS) postal data) installed in house so that our clients can reach every resident in an area at the lowest postage rates. Whether you want many zip codes or a few carrier routes, this data is the way to reach everyone in a neighborhood with minimal postage and prep costs.

Learn more about Learn more about Saturation (CDS) List.

Capture New Customers with a List Created Specifically for Your Company with a Customized Consumer List

There is a difference in your recipe for success and that of another type of business. A Specialized Mailing Lists is one created to carve out that piece of the market that will be most likely to respond to your offer. Take advantage of our thirty plus years of expertise, over 150 variables, and 300 million consumers to assist in creating your unique prospect mailing list.

Learn more about Specialized List.