New Mover Facts

The annual national move rate is almost 20% per year.

More than 50% of all movers are between the age of 20 and 39.

Almost 64% of movers stay in the same county. Only 17% move out of the state.

Renters move 4 times more than homeowners - On average every 1.75 years, compared to homeowners who move every 9.5 years.

Moving is often the result of a lifestyle change such as marriage, childbirth, job change, divorce, or retirement.

New homeowners outspend their discretionary income by 20 times that of the average consumer.

89% of movers will change grocers & 74% will change drug stores.

68% will buy furniture - 59% will make that purchase within 4 weeks of the move.

79% of new homebuyers will purchase insurance. 62% will change companies. 82% of the home insurance, 67% of the life insurance and 73% of the automobile insurance is purchased before the move.

30% of new homebuyers will purchase home electronics. Of those, 24% will buy before the move and 22% within 1 week of moving.

72% of new homeowners will spend $12,000 to $30,000 on products and services within the first 12 months of owning their home.

New homeowners spend more on products and services in six months than an established resident will spend in two years.

DataCentral, Inc. - New Mover Mailing List

New Mover Mailing Lists

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