DataCentral, Inc. - New Neighbor Advantage Program

New Neighbor Advantage Program

Every month there are new people moving into your neighborhood and by the time they find out you are right around the corner, they may have formed an allegiance to your competition. Targeting new movers with direct mail is a very smart investment for virtually any consumer based product or service provider. Targeting them FIRST is even better.

We put together the New Neighbor Advantage program to simplify the process of not only reaching out to new movers each and every month but to do it as soon as possible with minimal effort required. This is a monthly subscription program and once we establish where you want to target, what you want to mail them, and when you want them to receive it, we will take care of the rest, and you can enjoy the rewards.

For more information about the tremendous advantages to mailing new movers see our new mover list page.

Where to Mail?

This can be a radius from your location, an entire zip code, or specific carrier routes. We will show you the number of movers each month over the past year for each route and you can then pick which areas you want to target.

What to Mail?

This is the mail peice itself which can be anything from a postcard, letter, brochure, etc. You can even have mutiple mail peices mail on different months, just let us know.

When to Mail?

This is as easy as picking any day of the month. Each month the mail piece you selected will be mailed to every new mover in the selected target area.

To get started or for more information about the New Neighbor Advantage Program