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Online Target Plan

Online Target Plan is uniquely designed for organizations with the need to review or manage multiple mailing campaigns of multiple locations from a central point. It enables the organization to give complete control or very limited control to each locations ability to conduct their campaigns in regards to who, what, where, and when to mail.

Mailing campaigns are scheduled for the organization to be carried out for up to twelve months. These scheduled campaigns can be once a week, once a month, twice a month, quarterly or anything in-between. For each event deadlines are established to allow for budgeting and printing timelines. Once established the individual locations have the opportunity to opt in\out, make any changes to who, where and what they want to mail during the event(s).

Online Target Plan gives administrators a tremendous amount of control over each event and location as well as a tremendous amount of options on how much or how little control to enforce.

When to mail is controlled by the organization setting up the campaigns and establishing the in-home dates. Individual locations can then opt in or out of that event.

What to mail is controlled through pre-approved mail pieces or versions from which locations can choose what to mail for each event. There can be any number of versions with varying artwork, verbiage, and offers. Choices can be further defined so that a different version reaches a different target with customers receiving one offer and prospects receiving something completely different.

Where to mail is established by the market area of each location. The market area is defined by the assignment of individual postal carrier routes based on parameters defined by the organization. The parameters for assignment could be the location with the most number of customers within the route, the most number of sales, distance from the location, or anything else. With routes assigned to specific locations there is no overlap of market areas so no location is advertising into another locations market.

Who to mail can be controlled by parameters defined by the organization forcing locations to select all customers, all movers, or all residents in the home zip code. At the same time controls can be put into place to de-select as well for instance, disallow selecting areas where there are no customers or no sales.

Profiled prospects are modeled from the customers of each individual location, not all customers of the organization as a whole. This ensures a unique prospect model of each site as opposed to a single one size fits all approach. They are then indexed against each market of each location down to the carrier route level examining household demographics and lifestyles.

Online Target Plan presents all information at different geographic levels, totals by location, totals by zip code, and totals by carrier route. At each level we present the available targets such as all residents, customers, movers and profiled prospects. The system allows other segments to be defined as needed and all segments are updated monthly to the most accurate information is being presented. It is also integrated with Bing mapping enabling owners, managers, and administrators to see exactly where the locations, zip codes, carrier routes, and targets are located as well as their composition.


There are many tools built into the system putting a tremendous amount of information into the hands of the locations to assist in making informed decisions of where to mail, who to mail, and track the performance of each campaign. These include maps, reports, sorting and exporting options, distance and direction from the location, many custom calculations, and more. This same information is ‘rolled up’ and available for regional or district managers and the organization as a whole showing high level views that can be tunneled down into the individual details as needed.

Online Target Plan is fully supported by DataCentral. We provide training to users and organization administrators.

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