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Other Services

Other services include things such as Mail Piece Design, Addressing, Fulfillment, Mapping, Mail Tracking and Reporting. Click on any of the links to jump to a section of interest or simply scroll down. If there are other services or specialized needs that you do not find please contact us and one of our associates can discuss these with you.

Mail Piece Design

The easiest part of designing a mail piece is determining what you want to mail, a letter, a postcard, folded self-mailer, maybe even a large flat or an actual package. All are fine but each has its own requirements dictated by the Postal Service. Each has its own height, width, weight, minimum thickness, maximum thickness, aspect ratios, color requirements, and so on. All of these requirements must be met in order to have your mail piece delivered as efficiently as possible. If they are not met you will pay for it in the form of increased postage, additional fees, or in the worst case having the items simply returned to you.

Once these items are out of the way you can start thinking about graphics, color, text, layout, and offers. And when it comes to direct mail one thing is paramount, the more your mail piece stands out, the better your results will be. DataCentral has been designing and mailing all forms of direct mail for over thirty years. We have an experienced full time staff designing mail pieces to not only conform to the Postal Service Standards, but to make the impression our clients expect.

For more information about a mail piece design, or have us take a look at your creative, please contact us today.


Addressing and mailing of pre-printed materials, such as postcards, circulars, catalogs, flyers and brochures is handled by our Mail Team, and some of the fastest Inkjet machines in the industry. These machines are fully equipped with high speed dryers, inline tabbing, and other options as well as run by state of the art software packages resulting in very fast, high quality results.

The machines are only part of the addressing solution, the most significant part of this service is our Mail Team. With the operators and machines operating at such a fast rate quality control is paramount requiring a trained staff and teamwork. Our Mail Team has been working together for almost 15 years and will ensure that everything is prepared to meet your requirements.

If you have pre-printed material and need to imprint addresses, variable data, custom messages, maps, etc., or for more information, please contact us today.


This team has been working together for over 15 years. The tenure and dedication of these employees is reflected in the fact that they have never lost a client.

Our fulfillment niche is providing clients with a skilled back office to handle anything from daily mailings to special projects that require extra hands and out of the ordinary solutions. The environment is designed to afford you the same level of security as though the work were being done in the office next to yours.

Fulfillment Expertise:

  • Manual sorting, matching, inserting and mailing of reports generated daily.
  • Development of programs to track promotions, including data entry programs.
  • Receive and track miscellaneous mail.
  • Personalized letters matched with differing pick and pack materials inserted into oversized packages.
  • Create and collate booklets.
  • Creation of programs and procedures to send out a variety of packages.
  • Designing and printing reports for feedback and quality control.

For more information on fulfillment, please contact us today.


Location is often a key component of any marketing strategy. Our mapping uses both the geographical location of interest as well as a substantial set of demographics for customer profiling and market analysis. We take demographics to the next level by incorporating consumer lifestyle media preference and purchasing behavior into your data which could be your customers, prospects, responders, or even the non-responders. This valuable information provides insight into both your data and your market which translates into better decisions in your target locations and marketing strategies.

This allows us to:

  • Identify your priority locations and markets.
  • Determine customer distribution within a market.
  • Discover gaps in existing areas.
  • Understand which advertising market message and image is most appropriate for your target audience.
  • Launch targeted campaigns to increase response rates, reduce costs, and maximize your ROI.

For more information on our mapping and analytical abilities, please contact us today.

Mail Tracking and Reporting

Knowing the delivery status of your mailing or shipments can help improve the effectiveness of your communications, lower your costs, and improve customer satisfaction. About 95% of everything we mail is uniquely barcoded with the U.S. Postal Service IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode) which allows us to gather information with near real-time tracking information about the mail piece as is sorted through their automated processing equipment. Each time the mail is touched by one of these machines the barcode is scanned. Throughout the day the Postal Service sends us these scans and we present these to you via a website showing the status of your mailing campaign from entry into the Postal Service to the final out for delivery scan.

We can also provide you a link where you can view all the scans and reports as well.

For more information on mail tracking and reporting, please contact us today.