DataCentral, Inc. - Saturation List

Saturation (CDS) List

One cost effective way for a local or small business to reach a specific geographical area through direct mail is a saturation mailing campaign. It’s inexpensive in both preparation and postage, and can reach 99-100% of your potential and current customers.

Compared to a consumer mailing campaign the price of a saturation mailing (list cost + postage cost) is minimal and its effectiveness can be substantial. The savings also enable more mail pieces to be mailed. For the same price one could easily send out 30% more mail pieces in a saturation campaign than with a consumer campaign.

DataCentral has the national saturation list installed and will be happy to assist you should you decide to rent the list for your own mailing purpose or have us mail it for you. In either case the first step is to identify the area that you would like to target for your mailing campaign. This can be accomplished by choosing a city, county, zip code(s), individual carrier route(s), a radius from a specific address, or by providing us with an address within a particular community that you would like to target.

We also have demographic selections available including percentage of homeowners, median age, income, home value, and more to narrow the geographic selections into those areas most likely to purchase your products or services.

For more information about a saturation mailing list or to request a free count, please contact us today.

Saturation Lists are ideal for

  • Grand Opening Events
  • Brand Recognition
  • Foot Traffic Locations
  • Expanding into New Markets
  • Neighborhood Targeting