What our clients are saying

We partner with each and every one of our clients, focusing on their needs and helping their business grow. Our objective is to become a strategic asset and build lasting relationships.

Here is what some of our clients are saying about us!

“We received a new customer response of 10%”

Since our Grand Opening mailing event in May, where we received a new customer response of 10%, I just wanted to thank you for the latest mailing that you did for us for our second year anniversary. After the success we had last year with the birthday mailers it was obvious that we would leverage the names database that we have built and house with Data Central. We will continue to use the new homeowner mailings to add even more names to this database for our third birthday.

With return rates running from 5% to 25% (with most being above 10%) on the mailings it makes sense to continue to use your quality product on future mailings and the price for production, mailing and reports is quite reasonable compared to other companies we have looked at.

Thanks again and we look forward to our continued relationship and building that guest database to new levels.

Ed Patzsch, Owner, Shane's Rib Shack

“valuable information when planning your marketing and advertising strategies”

We included 2 coupons- one with a birthday discount and the other was a buy one, get one free admission. After the offers expired, we sent all redeemed coupons to our representative Wyatt Wisdom for analysis. We received a summary responder profile, along with extensive lifestyle data of your guests … valuable information when planning your marketing and advertising strategies.

Helaine C. Milch, Field Marketing Manager, Raving Brands

“I truly believe in direct mail and especially targeted direct mail”

This could be a big way to build new guest. On top of the direct mail that Wyatt offers, there is also a guest capture component to this. If you keep all the post cards that come back and send to Wyatt, they will create a customer data base for you and will allow you to send future mailing and such.

All in all this is a good program and something that I will be setting up system wide.

Nick Binnings, VP of Brand Development, Another Broken Egg of America, Inc

“Great Job! I really am impressed”

Wyatt, This coupon is amazing! Great Job! I really am impressed.

Michael Sandberg, Bar-B-Cutie

“Needless to say we are extremely pleased with the results from DataCentral”

Excellent! Needless to say we are extremely pleased with the results from DataCentral…. We found a home.

Get ready to crank it up around the 15th!

Don Oniel, Dealer Legion

“I think this has worked very well”

Yes, I think this has worked very well. We've seen a bump in enrollment and received 5 or so calls a day as a result for the first week. We are VERY pleased. Thanks!

Cobb Pearson, Westside Atlanta Charter School

“We are getting a great response”

We are getting a great response. We are thinking of maybe doing a set for one or both of the other centers.

“Can't wait to work with you on getting our store advertised”

We took a look at the samples and they are awesome! We can't wait to work with you on getting our store advertised in the Redondo Beach/South Bay area, hopefully by next year spring.

Looking forward to a great business relationship.

Marlene & Levi, Owners, Flip Flop Shop

“Thank you! Yes, they are very pleased at the response”

Thank you! Yes, they are very pleased at the response. Thank you so much for your assistance and patience with the process.

Shannon McAllister, Children’s Choice Learning Centers